Term 2 Summary 2017

12 Jul

Since we’ve already started Term 3, I suppose I should get a move on and post Term 2’s summary.

Here it is:



-Completed four units from our Math textbook (Math takes us at least 1.5 hrs a day!)

-Played ipad game, “Elements” about geometry

-Watched “Geometry of Islamic Design”



-Listened to “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

-Listened to “Fever Code”

-Listened to “Flour Babies” (Lots of Personal Development discussions came from this one)

-Listened to “Whipping Boy” (We’d listened to this one when the boys were younger, but Brayden was clearly too young at the time to remember it)

-Completed several essays from Lost Tools of Writing

-Wrote weekly essays on topics read/learned about

-Finished reading “Grammar Town” (This is an EXCELLENT Grammar curriculum.  We are eagerly awaiting the next books)

-Completed workbook “Commas Made Easy”

-Read seven books of Iliad

-Read “The Day they Came to Arrest the Book”;  discussed censorship and freedom (Great book for discussions)

-Analysed and discussed the picture book “Finding Home” (Weird book; I didn’t like it)

-Listened to “1984” (With lots of censoring; probably not one I’d read with highschoolers again but we had to read it before attending a performance)

-Parsed and diagrammed sentences each day (our favourite 5 minutes of the day)

-Began reading “Great Expectations” (Great story!)

-Analysed and discussed the picture book “Golem” about a Jewish creature much like Frankenstein (Another weird book)

-Used dictionary to find meaning of different phobia words

-Individual reading

-Completed video lessons in Roman Roads Media curriculum for Iliad (I want to work through all of the RRM’s “Old Western History”)

-Daily spelling review

-Read Omnibus’s essay on “1984” and all of the materials from QPAC about the play

-Attended a performance of “1984”

-Listened to audio story “Echo” (Best audio ever!!)

-Began listening to “Fablehaven”



-Continued weekly Latin lessons and vocabulary review



-Watched “Brain Games 2”

-Utilised and explored Brainbox activities and Zometool construction set

-Read books about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks (one of those tangent topics that popped up)

-Read a book about minerals

-Sorted rocks into sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic (harder than you think!)

-Read “Automation” about the talking doll that Edison created (That was a creepy doll!)

-Read “It’s Not Rocket Science”

-Read “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” and discussed electric circuits and related concepts (Another MUST read book)

-Read “Team Moon” about the people who helped get Apollo 11 to the moon (also a great book, especially for an Australian perspective)

-Watched “The Dish”

-Watched “Apollo 13”

-Researched answers to questions such as: what happened to the other Apollo missions

-Watched TED talks by the author of “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”

-Watched documentary, “William and the Windmill”

-Watched videos that explained the difference between AC and DC current

-Read “To the Moon and Back”

-Watched a documentary about the moon hoax (very convincing but only because they only show one perspective)

-Watched a Mythbuster episode debunking the moon hoax myths (excellent)

-Completed six projects from “Physics Workshop” kit (The boys are enjoying this)

-Watched several Professor Julius Sumner Miller’s Physics lessons (a blast from the past and also a great launching point)

-Watched youtube videos about centre of gravity and repeated the demonstrations ourselves

-Watched video “How Does a Sailboat actually work” (My understanding of how it worked was completely wrong.)

-Watched video “Sailing into the wind” (We’re learning to appreciate the value of youtube for learning)

-Watched video “Physics of Sailing”

-Watched video “Mass and Weight”

-Watched video “Falling Object and Misconceptions”

-Watched video “Gravity in Space”

-Watched video “Why Does Earth Spin?”

-Watched video “Acceleration Lab”

-Watched video “What is Force”

-Watched video “What forces are acting on you?”

-Watched video “Can you perceive acceleration?”

-Watched video “Law of Inertia”

-Watched video “Force, Mass and Acceleration”

-Watched several videos on Chris Hatfield, the astronaut – “An Astronaut’s View of the Earth” and “What I Learned for Going Blind in Space” (brilliant!)

-Watched numerous videos of life in the ISS.

-Watched an episode on River Blindness from “Monsters Inside Me” (Fascinating!)

-Watched videos”Jetpack Rocket Science” and “Veritasium Bungee Jump”

-Watched documentary “The Last Man on the Moon”

-Began listening to audio story by astronaut Chris Hatfield, “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life” (This guy’s life is amazing and he’s got a lot of wisdom to share)



-Reviewed the US states

-Watched “The First Grader”

-Watched 4 seasons of “Life Under Zero” (Lots of swearing but what a great show if you are interesting in life in the cold)

-Read “The Lamp, the Ice and the Boat called Fish”

-Read “52 Days by Camel”

-Read “An Ordinary Day” about leprosy and poverty in India

-Watched “Molokia:  The Story of Father Damien” about leprosy

-Watched the documentary “War Dance” about northern Uganda and child soldiers (Heart-wrenching stories)

-Watched “Hotel Rwanda” about the massacre in Rwanda

-Read “One Plastic Bag” about an innovative recycling project in Gambia (Inspiring)

-Watched a short film about the Gambian recycling project and read through the related website

-After reading, “The Boy who Harnessed the Wind”, we researched life in Malawi

-Watched “The Queen of Katwe”

-Read “A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk” (learning about Africa seems to involve learning about a lot of different genocides; it’s sad)

-Watched documentary “The Road to Freedom Peak” about returned Ugandan child soldiers

-Watched video “Jacob Deng – One of the Lost Boys of Sudan”

-Watched video “The Lost Girls”, “Kakuma” (The girls are rarely spoken about)

-Watched video “Lost Boys of Sudan”

-Watched video “Darfur in 10 minutes – Overview of conflict in Sudan” (This genocide is happening right now!!)

-Watched video “Darfur Conflict: A Rebel Leader’s Death”

-Watched video “On Our Watch:  Genocide in Darfur”

-Watched the movie “A Good Lie”

-Read the book “Child Soldier”

-Watched the documentary “Namibia Genocide and the 2nd Reich” (researched the difference between second and third Reich) (I had no idea about this!)



-Watched “Gladiator – Back from the Dead”

-Read “Young Murphy” about Ludwig Leichhardt

-Read “Radio Rescue”

-Read “Aussie Noteables:  John Flynn” and explored a $20 note

-Read “Tank Boys” and read through the Mephisto guide book (Eager to go and see the Mephisto in the flesh)

-Watched “The Years that Made Us:  Australia Between the Wars”

-Read “All About Captain Cook” (Old books are usually the best)

-Watched “Rome – Rise and Fall of an Empire”

-Watched documentary “Alexander’s Lost World”

-Watched the movie “Alexander” (censored) (Hard to get past the agenda they were pushing)

-Read “Alexander the Great”

-Read the book “The Hero Schliemann:  The Dreamer Who Dug for Troy”

-Read “John Winthrop, Oliver Cromwell and the Land of Promise” (Now I finally know who Oliver Cromwell is)

-Began reading “The Children of the New Forest”

-Read sections from “The Usborne History of Britain”




-Watched “The Greatest movie Ever” about advertising (Great doco!)

-Completed the curriculum “Economics for Everyone”

-Watched “The True Cost” about the true cost of fashion (A must watch for women and girls)

-Watched “Mabo” the documentary and researched answers to our questions and located places on a map (And now I know that Mabo was a person and not a policy; homeschooling is giving me the education my private elite highschool never did despite the expense)

-Finished reading Plutarch’s Publica

-Watched “Mabo” the movie

-Watched “Servant or Slave” about whether the stolen generation were used as slaves (a good doco; thought-provoking)

-Read the picture book “Say Yes” about the 1967 referendum in Australia; researched further information (a book for young students about a topic that is more appropriate to older students but we made do)


The Arts:

-Discussed and compared the collaged artwork in “Golem” and “One Plastic Bag”

-Attended theatre performance of “Model Citizen” by Circus Oz, which had a theme of society and fitting in (Brilliant)

-Watched short film created using blender called, “Alike” which is about how society doesn’t respect creativity (Lovely)

-Attended a performance of 1984 at QPAC and a Q&A sessions (Fantastic)



-Began curriculum “The Art of Argument”


Tech & Design:

-Volunteers at a weekly computer class (He loves it)

-Troubleshot various computer problems for family and friends (always)

-Used Zometool and Brainbox

-Read further chapters of “Art of Construction”

-Created “I” crossbeams to create the frame of a house (Enjoyed and could easily feel how it added strength to the model)

-Built various bridge models using Knex

-Watched “Engineering an Empire”

-Watched “Print the Legend” about 3D printers. (The boys enjoyed this more than I did)


Health & PE:

-Watched “The Mystery of Sleep”

-Watched “High:  How Drugs Works” about the dangers of cannabis and ecstasy

-Spent one afternoon a week in the park with friends

-Monthly visits to trampolining centre with friends (Their favourite thing)

-Watched “The Human Experiment” about the chemicals in our home (Scary)

-Watched documentary “A Plastic Ocean” (Horrifying.  It’s on Netflix.  Definitely watch it.)


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