What We Achieved This Week

11 Feb

Okay, well we are still warming up to full speed, but here’s what we achieved in week two…

Monday –

In Math, we completed the first review on linear relationships, inverse proportion, reciprocal functions and rational functions (after only one week of Math, we had already filled a WHOLE graph pad and needed a new one)

Reviewed Math facts (you can never review Math facts too much)

Diagrammed the structure of four sentences (looking at objective complements)

Completed a few lines of copywork

Completed the ANI chart (from Lost Tools of Writing – it’s the thinking/planning stage of an essay) of an essay about whether the Emperor should wear the new clothes or not.

Read independently (must be done every day if they hope to get anywhere near an electronic device)

Chanted through the states of the US as I pointed to the map (we have a giant homemade made of the US states on the wall in our front entry hallway)

Listened to three chapters of “Around the World in 80 Days” and orally narrated them

Read aloud several chapters of a book about the ‘Louisiana Purchase’ (it’s a Landmark book; they are brilliant!) and wrote a narration about what was learned

Read several entries from “What Einstein Told His Barber” about friction, traction, and tyres; learned how to judge if a tyre is bald (checked our tyres), why vehicles need tread and how smooth tyres perform on race cars – orally narrating all of it

Listened to an hour of the audio, “Jasper Jones” (reader beware; this is not a book for everyone) as we drove Ethan to school to help out in a computer coding class

Did some errands and then came home for more independent reading

Tuesday –

In Math, we completed review two on the same topics

Reviewed Math facts and completed a mental math exercise

Diagrammed four more sentences

Completed some copywork

Created the outline (using the Lost Tools of Writing curriculum) for their essay focused on why the Emperor should NOT have worn the ‘new clothes’

Read independently

Reviewed the states of the US (they always forget poor old Maryland)

Read a section from “Prisoners of Geography” (we are reading about Russia and NATO; excellent book); orally narrated

Read another few chapters from our Louisiana Purchase book and added to their written narration on this book

Read, discussed and narrated our Plutarch reading about Marcus Cato

Read a section of Charlotte Mason’s “Ourselves” (I hope this book improves)

Completed a Latin lesson (and decided to switch Latin programs for one of the boys)

(My voice was struggling with read alouds this day.  It takes a little while to get it back into the swing of long read aloud sessions.)

Wednesday –

Began a new Math chapter about quadratic functions

Reviewed Math facts and did a mental Math exercise

Had to look up ‘triangular numbers’ and played with the idea for a while

Diagrammed four more sentences; this time focusing on coordinating conjunctions

Completed some copywork

Began their Emperor’s new clothes essay draft

Read independently

Reviewed the states of the US

Read a chapter from “Book of Marvels” about the Golden Gate Bridge (had to pull out our San Francisco holiday photos and reminisce)

Read more of “Prisoners of Geography”

Read more chapters of our Louisiana Purchase book and the boys added to their written narrations

Read sections of “Science Matters” (reading about gravity, Galileo and Newton)

Read about Jan Van Eyck, “Arnolfini Marriage” from “What Paintings Say”; each boy held their own copy of the painting so they could observe as I read

Explored information about the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games (looked at the history of the games, participating countries, the symbolism within the baton construction, the baton relay and its current gps location, and the games mascot and his features

Both boys completed a lesson of Latin

Thursday –

Completed another Math lesson about quadratic functions

Finished their Emperor’s New Clothes essay and edited it

Read independently

Read a chapter/book of the Odyssey and orally narrated it (this reading took forever!)

Read a chapter from a devotional book (it was about ‘hearing’ the voice of God)

Read more from “Science Matters”; it focused on the scientific method

Listen to an hour of “Jasper Jones” as we drove to a friend’s place to chat and play board games

Went to the library and did the weekly grocery shopping (nope, no online groceries shopping for us; we want our children to know how to shop and fend for themselves one day)

Friday –

Spent the little time we had in the morning, reading independently

Listened to just under two hours of “Jasper Jones” as we drove to our afternoon activity

Spent the afternoon at a park with a bunch of teen boys running around like wild things getting some socialisation and exercise



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One response to “What We Achieved This Week

  1. Heidi Wilson

    February 13, 2018 at 2:37 am

    As long as they don’t leave out Oregon… 😉
    And could you email me a photo of what their narration paragraphs look like? I’m curious how that is working for you!!


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