Off on an Adventure

02 Oct

You won’t have noticed, because my blogging has been soooo slack this year,

but we’ve been off on a month long adventure.

We hit the road at the beginning of September and only just arrived home.

Where did we go?

Well, my five year old niece told people that we were ‘going around the world’,

however, ‘the world’ was really just the east coast of Australia.

We drove all the way from the Gold Coast in Queensland to Hobart, Tasmania, and then back again.

Our odometer recorded the journey as 6000km.

That’s a lot of sitting in the car.  (Thank goodness for audio stories!)

We went sooo many places and did soooo much that the best place to start is from the very beginning.

First up – Sydney.

Well, actually, the first day was just a whole lot of boring driving.

Nine and a half hours of it.

Thankfully much of it was dual carriageway and 110km/h.

But, still, we arrived in Sydney pretty exhausted


and had to find the oomph to face Sydney traffic.


Thankfully, we arrived on a Sunday afternoon.

I wish I could say that I planned that on purpose, but that would be a lie.

Oh and I’m so thankful that we live in the age of Google Maps,

and that Google Maps knows what to do when people can’t manage to follow her directions correctly.

There was a LOT of rerouting happening to get us to our destination.


And how sweet of Google Maps to take us on the scenic route over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


How did she know we were on holidays and would be delighted by such a trip?!

(And, no, I haven’t checked my etoll invoice yet to see just how much that cost me.

Maybe I don’t want to know.)


In Sydney, we chose to stay at Rydges in the city centre.

I know, pretty swish and costly.

But it wasn’t all that costly because we booked during a sale.

Plus, we compared the expense of staying further out, where it would be cheaper,

and then having to drive into the city each day and park,

or take public transport for four adults.

The hotel in the city came out on top for money value,

although we did have to put our car in the hotel’s valet parking.

(Don’t ask me the cost of that.  It makes me feel faint thinking about it.)

But it was worth it.

We were within walking distance of all the places we wanted to visit.

Circular Quay was literally just down the road from the hotel.

Okay, ‘just down the road’ being a 25 minute walk but it was all flat and interesting.

No, Circular Quay wasn’t necessarily ‘one of the places we wanted to visit’,

but it was the gateway to many of them.

Circular Quay is really just a harbourside transport hub.

Trains on one side, ferries on the other.

021a (Small)

But if you walk one way, you’ll find yourself at the Sydney Opera House,

023a (Small)

and the other, will take you to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

012a (Small)

On a nice sunny day, it can be very picturesque.

However, our first day in Sydney was overcast and showery, turning to rain by the afternoon.


But we made the most of it,

and enjoyed the fact that grey skies meant less people

and cooler daytime temperatures.


Check out the jelly fish in the harbour!

The water, wherever you looked, was absolutely full of them.

043a (Small)

However, we didn’t dally long at Circular Quay, although the jellyfish were mesmerising.

We had to dash off to the Rocks district to meet our guide for a tour.

086a (Medium)


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