Zoodoo Wildlife Park

02 Jan

After our visit to Richmond Gaol,

we headed over to Zoodoo Wildlife Park,

which is also in Richmond.

(I told you…for a little village, there’s stacks to do in Richmond.)

026 (Medium)

Now, Zoodoo isn’t a huge zoo.

It’s a privately owned attraction

and it’s a little rough around the edges,

but it’s got a lot of character

which we quite enjoyed.

053 (Medium)

Our favourite experience, by far, was the safari bus ride.

We got into an open-style bus,

armed with a cup of plant-based food,

and headed off for the back paddocks.

010 (Medium)

…where we met the emus!!

It was rather wild and chaotic

but hilariously funny.

Next, we stopped and visited the zebras

IMG_1465a (Large)

where we got to pat them.

IMG_1466 (Large)

Have you ever patted a zebra?

We can say we have.

011 (Medium)

Finally, we stopped and visited the camels.

IMG_1477 (Large)

We got up close and personal

IMG_1475 (Large)

with this camel.

018 (Medium)

Like…REALLY close.

You don’t realise how big they are

until they’ve got their face in your face.

023 (Medium)

This was such a cool experience!!

IMG_1471 (Large)

Leaving the camels, zebras and emus,

we headed back.

013 (Medium)

Isn’t the property just beautiful?!

014 (Medium)




The things you see in your photos AFTER you take the photo.


009 (Medium)

After the bus tour,

we were led to the lion enclosure

028 (Medium)

to feed a lion.

029 (Medium)

Yes, FEED a lion.

IMG_1491 (Large)

Armed with tongs,

people could line up

and hand feed a lion.

IMG_1488 (Large)

No, we weren’t lining up for that activity!!

We like our fingers.

Just being this close to a roaring hungry lion was enough to impress us.

There were plenty of other animals at Zoodoo

032 (Medium)

but the main reason for our visit to Zoodoo

was to see the Tasmanian Devils.

035 (Medium)

We love Tassie Devils.

039 (Medium)

These little critters have so much character.

068a (Large)

How could you not love them.

Just look at this little face!!

070a (Large)

While we only spent a little while at Zoodoo,

it was a fun few hours

that perfectly wrapped up our day in Richmond.



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