07 Jul

Identification documents are something that homeschoolers probably haven’t thought too much about

…but they should, particularly if they have teenagers.

Recently, Ethan needed a number of different IDs to apply for several things.

But he hasn’t had the right identification and it’s created no end of hassles,

particularly for those things that were time sensitive.

So, here’s a list of things I’ve recently learned about identification (for Australians),

from our own situation and those around us.

* A lot of ID applications can take anywhere from two weeks to one month to process so allow plenty of time.

* Make sure that everyone in the family has a FULL birth certifcate.  Extracts are rarely accepted.

* Passports, while expensive, are great identification and you can get them for your children without the child needing a bunch of ID, other than their birth certificate.

* Even if your child isn’t interested in learning to drive at 16, urge them to get their learner’s license anyway.  It’s really good ID.

* If your teen doesn’t have the right ID (especially something with a signature and address) when applying for a Learner’s license, they’ll have to fill in a form and get someone like your family doctor to state that they are who they say they are.  This takes time.

* Bank cards and statements are also good ID so get your teens to open accounts once they can do it in their own name.  Accounts opened when they were babies and small children generally won’t work as ID.  They need to have a bank card with a signature.

* Apply for a Tax File Number WELL before your teens might need it.  They’ll need it when applying for jobs and also when they are applying for government loans for TAFE and Uni study.  It takes a whole month to get one so plan ahead.

* Oh and get your teens to practise the signature they are going to use on their ID.  Don’t spring it on them at the counter of a government department.

The best advice I can give is to plan ahead.  Look at what might be coming up and see if your teens have the ID that they might need.  If they don’t, start making appointments and applying now.  It’ll save you a lot of hassle in the long run.


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