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Great Performance

Yesterday we went and saw “Brainiac Alive” at QPAC.

It was a little Science mixed with a lot of loud entertainment

(and I DO mean LOUD!)

It was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

So, if you are looking for something to do these school holidays,

definitely grab tickets to Brainiac Alive,

although you’d better be fast as their last performance is on the 13th January

and I bet tickets are selling like hot cakes.

 brainiac alive

Yes, we were in this audience.

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Christmas 2017

Another Christmas has passed.

We spent it with all of our favourite people…of course.

IMG_0108 (Small)

Christmas Eve involved a lot of wrestling.

And big boys urged to do whatever little girls desired.

IMG_0110 (Small)

There was also some sparkler action.

IMG_0127 (Small)

This was Miss Almost Five’s first experience with sparklers.

With the example of ‘her boys’, she bravely took her sparkler and mimicked their actions.

IMG_0124 (Small)

Little Miss Almost 2 was horrified by our decision to play with fire.

She wanted no part of it.

IMG_0125 (Small)

Then there was more wrestling.

(Doesn’t that face say, “Save me”.  Hehehe.)

IMG_0141 (Small)

There were also Christmas Eve read alouds before bed.

IMG_0142 (Small)

Then the ‘Santas’ could do their work.

IMG_0156 (Small)

The next morning, there were lots of happy faces.

IMG_0187 (Small)

Miss Almost Two got a lot of books from us.

She took the first box set of books and put them in her present pile, then she picked up the second box set of books, handed them back to me and said,

“Too many books”.

I have a lot of work to do with this little one.

IMG_0179 (Small)

Miss Almost Two was also our assistant present opener.

No one needed to worry about unwrapping fatigue with our little helper around.

Can you guess which of Ethan’s presents Miss Almost Two had just opened in this photo?

IMG_0170 (Small)

If you said, 3D printer, then you were correct.

My parents and siblings all put in for a 3D printer for Ethan’s gift.

He loves it and has printed all sorts of things with it.

IMG_0261 (Small)

So that’s a quick summary of Christmas 2017 at our house.

With the way time flies, it won’t be long before Christmas 2018.

IMG_0044 (Small)

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Final Term Summary for 2017

Finally our summary for the last term of this year.  My diary keeping got a little slack during this term so I hope I haven’t forgotten too much.  Relying on my brain to remember this stuff is never a good idea.



-read “Lines, Bars and Circles:  How William Playfair Invented Graphs”

-researched William Playfair

-visited “Mathamazing” exhibition at the Science Centre

-read “How to Lie With Statistics”

-completed Math series



-finished reading “Great Expectations” and watched the miniseries

-read the five book series “Fablehaven”

-read “The Circle” (censored) and watched the movie

-read “I’ll Always Write Back”

-read adaptation of “The Faerie Queene”

-read picture book “Saint George and the Dragon” and compared

-saw performances of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” (watched dvd of the play first)

-read “Wonder”

-read “Edge of Extinction” and “Code Name Flood”

-saw the movies “Wonder” and “The Man Who Invented Christmas”

-wrote regular essays on topics/books being read

-continued work on grammar parsing and diagramming; also spelling



-read “The Mystery of the Tree Rings” and explored tree rings

-watched “Is Genesis History?”

-watched “Evolution’s Achilles Heels”

-visited “Jurassic Ark” in Gympie to learn about fossils and Noah’s flood from a geologist

-watched dvd series Physics 101

-worked through two electronics books “Short Circuits” volumes 1 and 2

-learned how to solder (and desolder)

-worked through “Draw Circuits Ultimate Kit”

-read “Tesla vs Edison”

-read “Beginners Guide to Electricity and Magnetism”

-read “Thomas Edison:  The Great American Inventor”

-read “Nikola Tesla:  A Spark of Genius”

-watched “Thomas Edison:  Father of Invention”

-read “Nicolaus Copernicus:  The Earth is a Planet”

-researched and watched videos about Army Ants

-read “Red Madness:  How a Medical Mystery Changes What we Eat”



-read “Mansa Musa and the Empire of Mali”

-read “Mansa Musa”

-read “Sundiata:  Lion King of Mali”

-researched and discussed Timbuktu

-read “The Language of Angels:  A story about the Reinvention of Hebrew”.

-watched series of short videos, including the following

“Does Israel Discriminate Against Arabs?”

“Why Isn’t there a Palestinian State?”

“Why are there still Palestinian Refugees?”

“Israel:  The World’s Most Moral Army”

“Israel’s Legal Founding”

“Are Israeli Settlements the Barrier to Peace?”

“Is the UN Fair to Israel?”

“BDS:  The Attempt to Strangle Israel”

“The Middle East Problem”

-read “Heart of Darkness”

-read “David Livingstone”

-watched videos showing Victoria Falls

-daily review of the US states.

-read “A Home Among the Gum Trees” about homes in Australia through history



-finished reading “Children of the New Forest”

-read “Jason of the Argonauts”

-read “The Road from Home” about the Armenian Genocide

-watched “The Promise” about the Armenian Genocide

-read “Sachiko” about the bombing of Nagasaki

-read “Up From Slavery:  An Autobiography” by Booker T Washington.

-read “Gladiators:  Heroes of the Colosseum”

-visited the museum exhibition “Gladiators:  Heroes of the Colosseum”

-read “Augustine:  The Farmer’s Boy of Tagaste”

-watched “The War that Changed Us” about Australians in WW1

-went to see the new movie “Dunkirk”

-watched an old movie called “Dunkirk” and compared the two

-read “Brendan the Navigator:  A History Mystery about the Discovery of America”

-discussed the various people who claimed to be first to ‘discover’ America

-read “The Hero and the Minotaur:  The Fantastic Adventures of Theseus”

-read “The Ship to Nowhere” about Jewish immigration to Palestine after WW2

-read “Masada” and watched the miniseries, “Masada”

-read “Quintus” about a Roman boy during reign of Nero and growth of Christianity

-read “St Thomas Aquinas and the Preaching Beggars”

-read “The Story of the Last Days of Jerusalem”

-read “Understanding the Holy Land”

-read “Of Courage Undaunted” about Lewis and Clark

-watched “Jerusalem:  The Making of a Holy City”

-read “I am Sacajawea, I am York”

-read “Lewis and Clark and Me:  A Dog’s Tale”

-watched Ken Burns’ documentary “Lewis and Clark:  The Journey of the Corps of Discovery”

-read “Noah Webster:  Man of Many Words”

-read “Eliezer Ben-Yehuda:  Father of Modern Hebrew”.



-finished “Economics for Everyone” curriculum and videos

-watched the following videos:

*What is Socialism?

*Socialism Makes People Selfish

*How Socialism Ruined my Country

*What’s wrong with socialism

*Democratic socialism is still socialism

*Why you love capitalism

*Why capitalism works

*Income Inequality is good

*There is only one way out of poverty

*The promise of free enterprise

*The progressive income tax

*Gender Identity:  Why All the Confusion

*Does Free Speech Offend You

-watched the movie “Founder” about the founders of MacDonalds

-watched the tv series “The House with Annabelle Crabb” about Australian government and parliament house

-followed the State election

-followed the progress of the postal survey


The Arts:

-visited the Marvel Exhibition at GOMA

-attended performance of Shakespeare’s play “The Winter’s Tale” (watch the play on dvd first)

-visited the Gold Coast Art Gallery and saw an Aboriginal Art exhibition and a photography exhibition

-visited the Gold Coast Arts Centre to see the performance, “The Arrival” (also the Q&A)

-attended “Carnival of the Animals”, a performance of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra

-attended “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”, a performance of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra

-visited “Me, Myselfie and I” exhibition and Yoyoi Kusama’s exhibition “Life is the Heart of a Rainbow” at GOMA

-visited Queensland Art Gallery


Tech & Design:

-Ethan continued helping teach weekly computer classes

-Ethan helped with computer security and passwords in our home

-Ethan helped a school with live streaming their assemblies

-Both boys worked through 25 Arduino activities as part of an Advent Kit

-Both boys worked through electronics activities with “Short Circuits” volumes


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Thinking of Getting a Tattoo…Don’t

We stumbled on these Science videos about tattoos and were horrified.

I did not know that they stab you with multiple needles.

I also didn’t know that the tattoo ink contains toxic heavy metals, especially the coloured inks.

Nor did I know that your body treats the ink left under your skin as a poison and attacks it (it makes sense though).

We found the tattoo removal process the most interesting.  It’s actually your body that removes the tattoo.  The laser just breaks down the ink into smaller particles that your body can deal with itself.

No, there are no tattoo lovers in this house.  We think they are hideous and can’t understand the thinking behind why people would want one…especially after watching these videos!

I wonder what the research will say about the dangers that tattoos pose to our health once they gather enough data about it.  Tattooing has only really become a popular mainstream activity in the last generation or so.

Cigarettes were first manufactured in the second half of the 1800s and major research linking them to death didn’t become widely known until about the 1950s.  So perhaps a hundred years of people dying before they figured out the link.

How long will it take for tattoo research?  There’s already murmurings about the dangers.




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