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Demi’s Books

Have you discovered the books by the author and illustrator Demi?

029 (Small)003 (Small)004 (Small)006 (Small)

She is one of our favourite author illustrators.

027 (Small)

We have lots of her books.

025 (Small)

And, yet, not nearly enough of her books.

023 (Small)

In fact, I just put a stack of her books onto my wishlist.

019 (Small)

I even discovered that she has a couple of relatively new titles

–  one on Abraham Lincoln (I may have to hit “Buy” on this one)

and one called “The Shady Tree”, which is a companion to “The Empty Pot”.

017 (Small)

We often read one of Demi’s biographies

when we are learning about a significant figure for the first time.

008 (Small)

Her accounts are well written

013 (Small)

and excellent introductions.

011 (Small)

We’ve also found them to be very fair and respectful of different faiths.

015 (Small)

And she doesn’t just write biographies;

she also writes folktales.

(I want need to buy more of these).

021 (Small)

What I love the most about her books

030 (Small)

are the illustrations.

016 (Small)

They are bright,

022 (Small)

full of gorgeous patterns,

002 (Small)

and a total feast for the eyes.

018 (Small)

We particularly love her use of gold in the images.

007 (Small)

But, my very favourite thing is her use of marbled patterns.

They are gorgeous and rich.

009 (Small)

What’s not to love about her books?!

020 (Small)

Well, there is one minor thing.

I’ve learned that the hardcover books are much more beautiful than the paperbacks.

The paperbacks I’ve purchased have both been smaller than the hardcover books,

which we think detracts from the quality of the reading experience.

031 (Small)

Oh and never buy these books as ebooks.

I did that once and was so annoyed with myself.

The screen stole much of the beauty of the illustrations.

Instead, save money by buying secondhand, hardcover editions).

032 (Small)

So, if you are busy pondering books for the coming school year,

don’t overlook Demi’s books.

Our family loves them and think that yours would too.

033 (Small)

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Robinson Crusoe

Have you read “Robinson Crusoe”?

(No, not an abridged version or a Disneyfied version.

They don’t count.

They take out the heart of the story and just leave the flesh.

Something to entertain you, but nothing to inspire you.)

We have just finished reading “Robinson Crusoe”

and have absolutely loved it.

It is such an amazing book.

Yes, it’s a typical classic with long descriptions

about things you could have lived without knowing.

You get used to that as you read more and more of the classics.

But this book isn’t about what I thought it was about.

012 (Small)

I thought it was about a man who was shipwrecked on an island,

…and it was,

but, at the same time, it wasn’t.



Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you

if you plan to dash out and find a copy,

but suffice it to say that I can see why schools,

especially secular schools,

ditched many of the classics.

This book is mostly about God’s relationship with man.

It’s a story of redemption and deliverance.

Just listen to this,

one of my favourite passages from the book,

Now I began to construe the words mentioned above, “Call on Me, and I will deliver thee,” in a different sense from what I had ever done before; for then I had no notion of anything being called deliverance, but my being delivered from the captivity I was in; for though I was indeed at large in the place, yet the island was certainly a prison to me, and that in the worse sense in the world.  But now I learned to take it in another sense: Now I looked back upon my past life with such horror, and my sins appeared so dreadful, that my soul sought nothing of God but deliverance from the load of guilt that bore down all my comfort.  As for my solitary life, it was nothing.  I did not so much as pray to be delivered from it or think of it; it was all of no consideration in comparison to this.  And I add this part here, to hint to whoever shall read it, that whenever they come to a true sense of things, they will find deliverance from sin a much greater blessing than deliverance from affliction.” (p87)

This is just one of many such passages in Robinson Crusoe.

I was so pleasantly delighted with this book.

017 (Small)

Of course, if you want the story about the survival of a shipwrecked man,

you’ll definitely find that too.

Robinson spends his days building abodes

and furnishing them rather comfortably.

He has plenty of adventures on his island.

And yes, you’ll get to meet his man Friday.

But in reading “Robinson Crusoe”

you’ll also meet God

and see His Hand in your own deliverance story.

And this is why we’ll always remember the reading of “Robinson Crusoe” fondly.

016 (Small)

Now, what I want to know is

how many more of the classics books

are harbouring such treasures.




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Mother Teresa – A Lady To Know

A little while back, I overheard a conversation where one adult referred to Mother Teresa

and the other adult said,

“Who’s she?”

I then realised that my boys also didn’t know who Mother Teresa was

and I didn’t want them to be ADULTS who did know her.

So last night we watched a documentary about her

(and, of course, I’ve purchased some books to read as well).

IMG_9171 (Small)

I thought I knew a lot about Mother Teresa,

but, watching the dvd, I realised how little I knew about her

and how much I had missed out in not knowing.

She was an AMAZING woman,

a person we would all benefit from knowing more about.

As we watched her love others, as God loves us, our hearts were bursting open.

You can’t help but see Jesus in her.

And wise words!!  Oh my!!

Everything she said, you wanted to store and remember.

God does not command that we do great things, only little things with great love.

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

Spread love everywhere you go.  Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

I’m so glad we took the time to learn about her.

She truly was “…a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.

And I highly recommend, you make the time to do the same.


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The “Hey” Board Books

These are two new board books in my niece’s favourite series.

I’ve already bought her “Hey!  Is That How God Made Me?”, when she loved books with people and faces.

Then I bought her, “Hey! Is That How God Made Animals?” because she grew to love animals as much as people.

This week, I bought her these final two books in the series (unless the author writes more).

IMG_9158 (Small)

“Hey! Is That How God Made Families?”

IMG_9154 (Small)

“Hey! Is That How God Made Fruit?”

IMG_9155 (Small)

These books are gorgeously colourful

and curiously perplexing to their little readers.

When my niece looks through these books, she turns the pages declaring the phrase, “Hey!” with each muddled picture.

Very cute!

IMG_9156 (Small)

She loves these books and I love that they are building her knowledge of God.

IMG_9157 (Small)

My boys wrapped these new books for little Aria and will plant them in her bookshelf so she can discover them one day when she’s looking for a good book to read.

I know she will love them, as they are her dear favourites, and she’s quite the well read little toddler.

Her Aunty is seeing to that!

IMG_9168 (Small)

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