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Been One of Those Days


Is it Friday yet?

What?!  It’s only Monday?!


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Pet Peeve – Incorrect Signalling on Roundabouts

Yesterday I spent several minutes at a busy roundabout when I could have entered after only three cars.  Grrrrr!!!!!  Misuse of roundabouts is a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

I counted FIFTEEN cars who indicated that they were continuing around the roundabout to the right (and hence I needed to wait for them) who THEN proceeded to exit the roundabout with NO LEFT HAND SIGNAL.

The ignorance at roundabouts is an accident waiting to happen, and I’m sure it’s already been the result of plenty of accidents.  So here’s a video that explains how it is done.  (Maybe we need to put this video in people’s facebook feeds so they’ll actually see it and figure out how to drive properly.)

The most important thing to note is that you HAVE TO indicate LEFT whenever you plan to exit the roundabout.   Left, peoples, left!!!

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Posted by on December 4, 2017 in Bits and Pieces


Offended by the Rainbow Banner!!

I opened my blog page today to see this hideous rainbow banner splashed all across the top of my blog. 

I want my readers to know that I did not give permission for WordPress to add this to my blog.

WordPress has told users that their opinion will be forced on all blog banners and we can not opt out, regardless of whether we find it offensive or not. 

I want my readers to know that I do NOT endorse the rainbow on my blog space.

A reader has informed me that readers can’t see the rainbow banner.  

It seems like only people with a logged in WordPress account can see it.

which is a small relief,

although, I still have to look at it 😦


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An Interesting Easter Gift

I am super organised for Easter.

Two weeks ago I ordered some lovely little Easter titles for my nieces.

One of them was “Pinkalicious:  Eggstraordinary Easter”.

Today it arrived.

003 (Small)

When I saw the parcel,

I was somewhat puzzled with its size,

expecting only a couple of tiny picture books.

005 (Small)

Then I opened it.


“Dearest niece, Little Missy 4,

I hope you are interested in a French Dictionary for Easter.”

001 (Small)

PS.  I contacted the store and they have reordered the title for me

and I get to keep the $60 French Dictionary, free of charge.  🙂


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