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Hodge Podge

*  We’re in our second week of Term 2 so that means school, school, school.

003 (Small)

*  The other day, we spent two and a half hours (!!!!) on Math. It was a Geometry topic.  Geometry is supposed to be easy!!  Did someone forget to tell Singapore Math that?!!  My head hurt that day.

002 (Small)

My spatially-talented young man had no problems with the task.  He did most of the teaching that lesson, thankfully.

001 (Small)

*  Their favourite activity, so far this term, was investigating sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks

011 (Small)

and sorting them.

It’s not as easy as you might think.

013 (Small)

*  Recently, the boys pulled out some old favourites – our Brainbox kits

007 (Small)

and our Zometools.

005 (Small)

Zometools are one of my absolute favourite toys.  Well, they’re a ‘toy’ for the young at heart; little guys struggle with them.

007 (Small)

*  Over the holidays, I finally got around to hanging some of the boys’ artworks.

004 (Small)

These are my favourite pieces ever!

001 (Small)

*  Over the weekend, I created a large 4×4 map of the US.  We’re memorising the states and I wanted a wall map for the job.  So I made one.  I used Mega Maps to print out the outline.

011 (Small)

*  We’ve watched a bundle of great dvds over recent weeks.  These are just some.  We watched a series of Brain Games (a family favourite and a ‘must watch’), the Huckleberry Finn movie (which we were pleased to see kept fairly close to the book) and “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” (which is a documentary about advertising and quite an eye opener).  We also watched “The First Grader” (we highly recommend this movie but it’s a tear jerker), “The True Cost” (about the human and environmental cost of fashion), “Mabo” (a documentary about Eddie Mabo), “Molokai: The Story of Father Damien” (about a leper colony), “High:  How Drugs Works” (an ugly side of the world), and “Mystery of Sleep” (about sleep, disorders and the importance of sleep).

005 (Small)

Currently, we’re watching “The Years that Made Us:  Australia Between the Wars”.  It’s a great documentary.

009 (Small)

*  But not everything is a documentary.  At the movies we saw “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” which we all enjoyed, and, at home, I (I say ‘I’ because no one would join me!) watched “Trolls” and “Moana”.  The child in me has not grown up.  I didn’t like “Trolls” though.  Sickly sweet and insipid.  But “Moana” was great.  It’s a ‘must watch’.

008 (Small)

*  Oh and this week we scored free tickets to the theatre for a stage Circus performance.  It’s an offer open to all Gold Coast homeschoolers.

012 (Small)

*  We’ve also spent time with my nieces and their family.  We went to Dreamworld with them, to see the Tiger Show, again.

303 (Small)

Aria loves the tigers.

314 (Small)

She also loves that ‘her boys’ go on the kiddy rides with her.  They don’t care that no other teenage boy would be caught dead on one of these rides.

497 (Small)

They walk around Dreamworld hand in hand with ‘their girls’ and think nothing of it.  That’s what homeschooling does for families.

624 (Small)

And this little mite.  Well, what can I say about her?  She’s just ‘eat me up’ sweet, and one of the two reasons we make sure we spent plenty of time with them.

124 (Small)

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An Interesting Easter Gift

I am super organised for Easter.

Two weeks ago I ordered some lovely little Easter titles for my nieces.

One of them was “Pinkalicious:  Eggstraordinary Easter”.

Today it arrived.

003 (Small)

When I saw the parcel,

I was somewhat puzzled with its size,

expecting only a couple of tiny picture books.

005 (Small)

Then I opened it.


“Dearest niece, Little Missy 4,

I hope you are interested in a French Dictionary for Easter.”

001 (Small)

PS.  I contacted the store and they have reordered the title for me

and I get to keep the $60 French Dictionary, free of charge.  🙂

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It’s a Bit Wet Around Here

We’ve had a ‘bit’ of rain around here recently.

So much so that the premier closed all of the schools in the region for two whole days.

It’s a bit of an epic event; the result of ex-cyclone Debbie.

039 (Small)

Yesterday, on the way home, we stopped at the little Red Bridge to have a look at the flooding.

024 (Small)

We live nearby but our little pocket of the area is completely water-free (thankfully),

so it was a bit surreal to see all this water so close to home.

025 (Small)

It’s more like an inland lake than a river,

036 (Small)

and so fast flowing and treacherous.

There was lots of debris around the area – a pole, a water tank,

and all sorts of mysterious objects

that you can only wonder where they came from and what they used to be.

052 (Small)

It was amazing to see.

038 (Small)

This is a park we quite enjoy visiting.

I dare say we won’t be visiting any time soon,

well, not without a dingy or a canoe.

040 (Small)

The river apparently peaked on Saturday (these photos were taken on Sunday)

so I dare say it’ll take a couple of days before the river is back within its banks.

What’s left behind will be a lot of work to clean up,

especially for all those people whose homes were in the path of this water.

055 (Small)

The good news is that all the dams in the area had a much needed topping up.


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My Week in Bullet Points

It has been an eventful week around here.

*On Sunday, we had our annual chocolate day.  Essentially, it’s Easter but not on Easter.  I’m loathed to equate chocolate with the resurrection of Jesus, so, when our boys were younger, we created chocolate day, which is just any other day we randomly pick to give our children chocolate by making them hunt for it.  Yep, they still like to hunt for it.

001 (Small)

*On Tuesday, Queensland went through a Category 4 cyclone, which had us glued to our tvs. My parents made it home before it hit, but, sadly, all of our relatives live in the regions that were affected. I’m so glad my parents chose to move when we were young, otherwise I might still live in that region.

*This week I babysat my nieces for a day.  Little Missy 4 asked us to bring our gyrocars over as she just received her own for her birthday.  So up and down the street they charged all afternoon

009 (Small)

…until Little Missy got tired and begged for a ride home.

013 (Small)

*Only one book arrived at my door this week.  I know.  What a pathetic book purchasing week!

003 (Small)

As I wrote that last line, I thought to myself, “I haven’t even checked the mail today”.  So, out I went, and what did I find?!  Three book parcels!!!  Honestly!  I’m not exaggerating!  So now it’s an excellent book week.  🙂  (Yes, some of these books are secondhand.)

004 (Small)

*On Thursday, our premier closed all of the state, Catholic and independent schools in our region due to a severe weather event and expected flash flooding.  My boys were distressed – the premier said nothing at all about closing homeschools.  So we continued with school as usual, even though hubby was sent home from his school.  We got a lot of rain that day and some decent wind gusts but no damage or flooding at my house.

003 (Small)

*Then, today, we were greeted by emergency messages on our phones.  It’s not flooded in our immediate area but just across the highway from us is now a huge inland sea.  So whoever is praying for rain, can you please stop now before it’s lapping at my ankles too.

002 (Small)

And, as of this afternoon, we are now on holidays for two whole weeks.


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