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The Low Down on Homeschooling

Normally all you’ll see on a homeschooling blog is this….

Blissful homeschooling moments.

Isn’t it sweet.

IMG_5937 (Small)

But how often do you get the real low down view on homeschooling

…the floors

IMG_5944 (Small)

Just look at these floors!

Did you imagine that I have time to keep them in immaculate condition?

IMG_5948 (Small)

If you’ve visited before, did you imagine that they always sparkle that way?

IMG_5947 (Small)

Blogs viewing and visitor floor standards are all an illusion,

to hide the reality of a homeschooler’s floor.

Honestly, it usually looks like this until the end of the day, or sometimes the end of the week or even sometimes until the next visitor arrives.

IMG_5941 (Small)

Oh my!  Getting down low is as scary for me as it is for you!

Look what I viewed under my couch!

If you have a weak stomach, please turn away now.

IMG_5942 (Small)

Okay, for all of our benefit, let’s get back to the illusions.

Isn’t homeschooling wonderful?!

IMG_5940 (Small)


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Training up in the way we “hope” – okay, “insist” – they go

What a beautiful sight!  The only better thing I could imagine would be two boys ironing.

Sorry…got caught up in a bit of a daydream there.

IMG_1632 (Small)

Abandoning the toy mower for the real thing

Yes we bought a push reel mower.  No petrol power, no electric power but real, build up those muscles, boy push power.

And I mean REALLY PUSH!!  It’s not as easy as it looks, let me tell you!!

Daddy has to mow the yard short first as these push mowers are designed for maintaining and NOT for mowing grass that’s got a few inches tall already.  Ideally it’s also more for small yards but hey, I have two boys with plenty of time on their hands and who happen to enjoy the “idea”, at the moment, of mowing the yard.

IMG_1639 (Small)

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A Housecleaning Tip…Clear Your Surfaces

I’m probably not the best one to be giving advice about house cleaning but for all it’s worth here’s a tip that makes cleaning just a tad simpler.  It’s an obvious one but sometimes it’s the obvious stuff that doesn’t come to mind as easily.

Keep your benches clutter free!


Don’t buy those pretty canisters or novel looking toothbrush holders or anything else thats sole purpose is to live on a bench.

Huge no-no!  As soon as you put that stuff on your bench you have both a cleaning obstacle and a clutter breeder.  Before you know it you’ll have a dozen pretty containers living and breeding on the bench.  It’ll be a burden to move them to clean the bench so you just won’t bother as much anymore.  The problem is that this stuff attracts dust, dead bugs, grime, filth and germs.

Get rid of the “pretty” stuff.  It’s not pretty.  It’s an eye sore and an obstacle to cleaning.

With empty benches, it’s a breeze to run a cleaning cloth over them every day.  And you’ll get accustomed to clutter-free clean surface and won’t want to spoil them with ugly canisters and jars.


To be completely honest I only have three clear surfaces like these – my kitchen benches, and my two bathroom benches.  Everywhere else…there’s clutter breeding and concealing areas that are screaming out for a good clean.

If “stuff” needs to live on benches then it’s probably because there’s too much stuff in the cupboards and too much stuff in general.  I’m working on this.  Really I am.

My goal…clutter free benches in every area!!  I’ll update you if that ever happens but please don’t hold your breath waiting.   Asphyxiated readers are not great readers.  Plus changing habits takes time…sometimes a lot of time.


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