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More Beach Fun

Yep, we’ve been back to the beach again.

(Yes, I’ve abandoned that cleaning thing.  Boring.)

036 (Small)

Thankfully, there were no jellyfish at the beach this time

(well, I did spot two, but nothing like the other day).

039 (Small)

This day, the wind was whipping up the waves at the beach.

008 (Small)

There was also a deep gutter that my men had to wade through

in order to reach the waves.

004 (Small)

But, once they were out at the waves,

027 (Small)

they had an excellent body boarding day.

022 (Small)

Although, poor hubby had to keep going and retrieving the kids from the deep gutter.

It was just a little too deep for them

and they didn’t have the power to paddle themselves back out to the sand bar,

with the waves working against them.

035 (Small)

And what was I doing while all this surf action was happening?

One guess.

037 (Small)

Reading of course

…and pausing occasionally to do a head count and take a photo or ten.

IMG_1765 (Medium)

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An Afternoon at the Beach

During summer, my boys often head to the beach with Daddy.

But, this week, I tagged along with them to snap a few shots.

006 (Small)

We are blessed to live very close to the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

049 (Small)

I mean, just look at this place.

This is why people flock to the Gold Coast for their holidays.

039 (Small)

We’ve been taking our boys to the beach in summer

every since they were small.

They love it.

171 (Small)

When the suggestion is made to head to the beach,

they grab their boogieboards and run to the car.

070 (Small)

This is PE in our homeschool!

No running laps for us.

016 (Small)

We always head to the beach in the late afternoon

and catch just the last couple of lifeguard hours.

It’s nice and quiet at that time of the day.

030 (Small)

So, for two hours, I sat and watched my men catch waves into shore.

025 (Small)

Just look at them go.

128 (Small)

They love it.

169 (Small)

And the waves aren’t always forgiving

131 (Small)

but they still go back for more.

148 (Small)

On this trip, my men didn’t stay in the water for as long as normal.

172 (Small)

They got tired of dodging jellyfish.

(Do you see the Blue Blubber jellyfish on the beach?

They were washing up everywhere.)

159 (Small)

We counted 5 species of jellyfish that day.

Blue Blubber jellyfish,

191 (Small)

Moon Jellies,

193 (Small)

Blue Bottles (not photographed), Blue Buttons (blue thing to the left) and Velellas (blue thing to the right).

198 (Small)

So, they got out of the water,

035 (Small)

and we took a walk along the beach instead.

194 (Small)

We had to walk carefully though.

The beach was covered with jellyfish and every wave washed more onto shore.

205 (Small)

Check out the habitat we found on this cuttlefish bone!

201 (Small)

We think these are gooseneck barnacles.

Whatever they were, they were still alive and poking in and out of their shells.

We popped their little raft back into the ocean.

206 (Small)

I’ve always lived near the water

089 (Small)

and am glad that my boys do too.

168 (Small)


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PE – Homeschool Style

How does a homeschooler do PE?


We take them down to a trampoline centre.

051 (Small)

It’s so empty during the week

and the kids can bounce

031 (Small)

and dive

until their heart’s content.

038 (Small)

After a couple of hours of jumping around

006 (Small)

the kids are exhausted

and thoroughly exercised.

066 (Small)

Oh, but don’t go home yet.

Send them in for a game of Laser Tag

to re-energise themselves,

075 (Small)

and then back out onto the trampolines.

054 (Small)

That’s how homeschoolers cover PE.


(And if you go with friends,

you can tick off socialisation as well!)

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Little Men Who Mow

Check this out!

Little men that mow!

Aren’t you entirely jealous!

His daddy has been waiting for this moment for many years.

(I’m still waiting for them to take up ironing.)

IMG_8980 (Small)

No, it’s not a petrol mower.  It’s a push power mower.

I bought it ages ago with this very thing in mind.

It just took them longer than I expected, to be muscly enough to push it.

It’s still hard work though.  Our yard isn’t a small one and it’s got a decent slope to it as well.

IMG_8979 (Small)

But lots of afternoons, you can find both boys out there, taking turns to mow sections of the yard.

And they do it for fun!

They’ve even roped friends into giving it a go and they enjoyed it too.

These homeschooled kids certainly are strange.

IMG_8981 (Small)



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