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Homeschool Made Simple – Carole Joy Seid

Just in case you haven’t seen it, Compass Classroom has a new video series called “Homeschool Made Simple“.   Basically it’s a series that puts homeschool speakers on video, to make what they have to teach us, accessible to a greater audience – like us poor Aussies who don’t have access to these highly sought after international speakers.

The first speaker is one I’d never heard of – Carole Joy Seid

(Has anyone here heard of her before?).

Having watched all 6 workshops now, I’m so thankful to Compass Classroom for introducing her to me.  Her approach is very much a literature-focused approach (which speaks directly to my heart) and she has lots of advice to share.

To get a taste for what she has to say, the first workshop is currently available for free.

And until April 15th (US time), “Homeschool Made Simple – Carole Joy Seid” (available as dvd or mp4 download) is priced at $19.00US, a 50% discount off their normal price.

I highly recommend the workshops.  I’m currently working my way through the workshops a second time!

And now I’m drooling over some of the downloadable seminars on Carole’s website.

I can’t wait to see which other speakers “Homeschool Made Simple” will feature, to see who else I have been missing out on!


Upcoming CHESS Seminar

Brisbane Christian Homeschoolers –

Have you heard about LEM’s CHESS seminars?

There is one coming up on the 16th April.

(There are seminars being held in other states too.  Check their website for details.)

I can recommend the CHESS seminars as a lovely day of learning, fellowship and shopping.

I’ve been twice before and I’ll be going again.

It’s not a huge seminar but a cosy group of Christian Homeschoolers learning from those who’ve gone before them.

This year’s key topic is “The Conflict Facing Christian Education”, but they’ll also be sharing their Primary Curriculum and LEM Phonic materials.

For me, the topics are irrelevant.  I know I’ll learn something new and get a chance to revisit old ponderings.

Taking time out to be with other homeschoolers, with the potential to meet new friends and revisit old ones is special.  How often do we get to be in a room full of other Christian homeschoolers.

The shopping is the icing on the cake.  There are lots of textbooky types of materials – Rod and Staff, Christian Liberty Press, Abeka, Bob Jones, LEM phonics.  But if you’re not into that kind of thing, I’m pretty sure you’d find some lovely novels instead.  They have all sorts of gorgeous books (Little House, Henty, Ballantyne, Trailblazers, Janette Okes to name a few).  I’ve never bought a dud from them yet!

I’m already counting down the sleeps.  Maybe I’ll see you there.

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CHEACT Conference Recordings

While I love to read there just aren’t enough hours in the day to read as much as I would like.  There’s always work of some sort that requires my attention.

Not to worry though.  If I can’t use my eyes to “read”, I figure I will just have to use my ears!!

So while I work…mopping, ironing, folding clothes, scrubbing toilets, decluttering closets or even cutting and laminating school games…I listen to audios.

Sometimes I listen to audios that I’ve purchased as part of Online Homeschooling Conferences.

(Did you know that “The Old Schoolhouse” has an online Expo now too?!! There’s another one planned for later this year.  They haven’t released all of the details yet. )

But you don’t have to spend any money to find homeschooling audios to listen to.   Recently I’ve been re-listening to the homeschooling conference recordings that you can find on CHEACT’s website.  I’m so grateful that CHEACT does this.  It’s a wonderful blessing to homeschoolers.

You can find 2009’s conference recordings here and 2008’s recordings here.  They just held the 2010 conference so it won’t be long before these recordings will be available too.  I can’t wait!!

So charge up those ipods!!  Or as in my case…get burning those audios.   (I don’t like wearing earphones.  With boys in the house you need to be listening to what they are up to at ALL times.   So I burn the audio to CDs and blast the audio around the house.   Hehehe.)


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Online Homeschool Conferences in 2010

I’ve written about Online Homeschool Conferences before but I’ve recently found out about a new conference that will be held this year:

The Schoolhouse Expo

With all of these amazing opportunities to hear inspiring people share their passions and talents with me, I suspect my ironing will be up to date in no time. 

What has ironing got to do with this?  Well I iron while I listen to audios.  How else would I get my most disliked chore completed?!! 

In fact my ironing pile is so high at present I best register for "The Ultimate Homeschool Expo" as well!!!

I’ve just received my audios from The Heart of the Matter Online Homeschool Refresher Conference so I could probably dig into that ironing pile this weekend.   Alternatively I could lie back on my newly delivered lounge suite and listen….hmmmm….sooo many options.

P.S.  In what universe is it okay to make a lounge suite delivery, on a Saturday, at SEVEN IN THE MORNING??!!!!


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