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Term 1 Summary 2017

The first term of the year is complete so I put together our term summary today.  I was fretting that we hadn’t completed as much as I had hoped (we lost a bit of time while I recovered from minor surgery) but a term summary always puts those worries to bed…well, mostly.


Math:  –

– completed 5 units in our Math text (filling up 120 pages of a grid book!)

– completed daily mental math exercises and math facts review


Language:  –

– listened to audio “Gift of the Magi”

– read “Black Ships Before Troy”

– completed daily copywork tasks

– completed daily spelling quizzes

– completed daily parsing and diagramming

– completed daily punctuation review

– wrote narrations after each book read

– wrote IEW essays on topics related to reading (scurvy, Dutch explorers, Batavia, Mt Erebus, mysterious sounds of the desert, coriolis effect, Trojan war, boiling temperatures of water)

– watched “Troy”

– reviewed plural spelling rules

– read first two books of the “Iliad”, narrating every few lines

– completed first two sections of CIRCE “Guide to the Iliad”

– completed the first two essays from “Lost Tools of Writing”

– listened to “The Age of Miracles”

– listened to “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

– watched “Empire of the Word” about the history of books and reading

– independently read their own titles


Latin:  –

– completed weekly Latin lessons



– began reading “Exploring the World of Physics”

– read “Introducing Aristotle”

– began reading “Basher Physics”

– hands on exploration of pendulums, persistence of vision (thaumatrope), gravity, air resistance, coreolis effect, air pressure, barometers, pizoelectrics, inertia, and electromagnet spectrum

– watched videos on gravity, conservation of mass, mass vs weight, air resistance, floating, pendulums, speed, velocity, geographic poles and magnetic poles, sounds of desert sands, coreolis effect, auroras, laws of Newton, Foucault, air pressure, wind, crickets and temperature, tapping maple trees, wind energy, weather instrument, wind and weather at Mt Washington, layers of the atmosphere, inertia, Beaufort scale, tides, tidal bores, boiling temperatures in vacuums, electromagnet spectrum, radiation, pizoelectricity, sonic booms, lightning, meteorites and radiation in space

– visited the Hadron Collider Exhibition

– watched “Particle Fever”

– read “Smash:  Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with the Large Hardon Collider”

– read “Zoom”

– read “Come See the Earth Turn” about Foucault and his pendulum

– visited the Ipswich Environmental Centre

– visited the Ipswich Nature Centre

– observed (and read about) paper wasps, geckos and mushrooms

– followed the meteorology forecasts and new reports related to Cyclone Debbie, and the flooding and extreme weather in South East Queensland

– tracked the path of Cyclone Debbie

– read graphs showing rise and fall of the flood Logan and Albert Rivers and compared to historic levels

– made different varieties of slime


Geography:  –

– read “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”

– discussed Islam

– read “Christmas Bells”, a Swiss Christmas legend

– read “Barry the Bravest Saint Bernard”

– read “Facing the Lions” about a Maasai warrior

– watched videos about the Maasai culture

– watched “Albert Schweitzer”

– read “Albert Schweitzer:  Genius in the Jungle”

– read “The Little Man in the Map” and worked on memorising US states

– attended a Lion and Dragon dance for Chinese New Year

– watched “Operation Erebus Overdue”

– explored a map of Australia in detail to note places relevant to early maritime explorers

– read “King Solomon’s Mines”


History:  –

– read “Black Potato” about the Irish potato famine

– listened to “Salt to the Sea” about the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff at the end of WW2

– read “Spice and the Devil’s Cave” about world maritime explorers

– watched “The Spice Trail”

– read “Magellan”

– read “Around the World in One Hundred Years”

– read “Anson’s Way” about the British treatment of the Irish

– read “Charles Dickens and the Street Children of London”

– read “Great South Land” about early Dutch and English maritime navigators

– read “Bass and Flinders”

– visited the Investigator tree at the Museum

– read “Excuse Me, Captain Cook”

– watched two videos about Gargarin, the first man in space

– watched “Hidden Agenda” about female mathematicians in the space program

– watched “1916:  The Irish Rebellion”

– interviewed their Irish grandfather about Irish history

– watched videos about Dirk Hartog

– read a history chapter from a book titled “Ireland”

– watched “The Greeks”

– watched “Convicts: Women and Children in Australia”

– watched “Federation”

– read “Fortuyn’s Ghost” about a dutch shipwreck

– read “The Castaways of the Charles Eaton”

– watched “Greeks, Romans, Vikings: The Founders of Europe”

– watched “Burke and Wills”


Civics:  –

– read “The First Fleet”,

– read “An Uncommon Fine Day”

– watched “Arthur Phillip:  Governor, Sailor, Spy”

– read Plutarch’s essay on Publico

– watched “Civilisation:  Is the West History?”

– read a picture book about Jandamarra

– watched “Jandamarra’s War”


The Arts:

– visited Goma’s “A World View” exhibition

– visited Goma’s “Sugar Spin” exhibition

– created a ‘dotillism’ painting

– read about Winslow Homer

– studied Winslow Homer’s paintings

– read Mike Venezia’s book about Winslow Homer

– visited Ipswich Art Gallery with young cousins to explore “Tapescape”, “Ball Roll” and “Construction Site”

– read “Ben and Gracie’s Art Adventures” about Frederick McCubbin’s art

– read “Inside the World of Tom Roberts” about Tom Roberts’ artwork


Tech & Design:  –

– began reading “The Art of Construction”

– made demonstration models suggested by “The Art of Construction”

– attended weekly computer programming classes as an assistant teacher (E)

– helped family and friends troubleshoot their computer problems (E)


Health & PE:  –

– spent time

  • bodyboarding at the beach,
  • swimming,
  • playing at the park and in a bush reserve,
  • riding scooters, bikes and gyrocars,
  • at White Water World
  • at a trampolining centre
  • at a water adventure playground


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“Let It Go”

I loved this song from Frozen and I thoroughly enjoyed this Mother’s Day parody of the song, so I had to share.

Let It Go from Granger Community Church on Vimeo.

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Found Me

Oh good.

You’ve found me here at my new blog.

Looking forward to many more years of blogging

…hopefully with much less change!

Please excuse the glitches you will see around the place.

There are minor hiccups here and there that need some attention and a bit of tweaking.

I’m working hard to find them all to make it look like nothing ever changed.



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